Arts Wanted

Team of experts in art advising and collection management


About Us

Our story

Arts Wanted was established in 2016 to help clients acquire art objects and manage private collections. Arts Wanted gives professional and balanced advice on art sales and purchases, as well as provides valuations for your works of art or collectibles.

Our team

Arts Wanted comprises fine arts experts, analysts and consultants specialising in assets protection, tax refund and collection preservation.

Our specialization

We specialise in key areas of collecting:

  • Russian Art

  • Impressionism and Modern Art

  • Contemporary Art

  • Photography

  • XXth Century Design

  • Jewellery

  • Wine, whisky and other alcoholic beverages




Collection management

Analysis and cataloguing, photography, appraisal, expertise, provenance research and recovery, preparing condition reports, publishing collection catalogues, annual revaluation, exhibiting art objects in galleries and museums, advise on handling art objects in interior.


and selling

Negotiating transactions according to the interest and budget of the client. Coordinating sales of art objects and collectibles. Providing full support of the sales process. 

Alternative investment

Consulting on alternative investments in art objects and antiques; defining investment risks, price range fairness and market value forecast.

Art market analysis

Arts Wanted performs detailed analysis of auction sales.  We collect information and prepare market reports on artists and art objects to be aware of all the changes and latest trends.

Additional services

Logistics, preparation of accompanying documents on works of art transfer, restoration and preservation, installation and mounting, illumination, insurance, premises preparation to ensure collection safety, security and integrity.





Our expertise is particularly important in a complex and opaque art market in Russia. Arts Wanted team has substantial experience with major international companies such as Sotheby's, Artnet, Skadden, J.P.Morgan, McKinsey&Company. 


That is the key, which enables us to provide our clients with a professional and objective advice on acquiring or selling works of art.

Museum exhibitions

We work with museums around the world to exhibit works from our clients’ collections. We look for relevant upcoming exhibitions, negotiate with museums, take care of insurance and transportation so that you can enjoy your work in a new, museum context.




If you have any questions about our services, please reach us by phone or email.

+7 (495) 649 6465

+7 (903) 248 3535